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There are myths about hypnotherapy, you may have seen people dancing like chickens once they are ‘under’ or having no control, but this isn’t true. When you are ‘under’ you are still totally aware, you have control and can stop whenever you want. Being ‘under’ feels more like you are in meditation or daydreaming, you are in complete control of yourself and really relaxed.

Hypnotherapy offers countless benefits. It can be used to:
* Assist you to quit smoking or lose weight
* Kick bad habits
* Treat phobias, PTSD, obsessions, and anxiety
* Help with sleeping disorders
* Help ease depression
* Alleviate stress
* Help process grief and loss
* Help you maintain a more positive mindset
* Help you achieve goals
* Soothe pain
* Help improve athletic performance

Hypnosis helps to reprogram your brain, to help you with how you handle any given situation you need help with.

The goal is for you to feel in control of the behaviour/way of thinking you wish to change.

After the session you we will discuss what came up for you what worked, what didn’t. You will be in a safe environment and can feel totally at ease.

If you would like to know more or book a session, get in contact with Michelle from the Base.

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