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12 Week Transformation Programs

Our 12 week transformational programs are the best body transformations in Adelaide. We don't know of anywhere else that gets the results like we do at The Base Transformations. 

What's included; 

  • A Customised 12 Week Program That Will Get You Results!

  • Fortnightly Bio-Print Body Assessments (14 Site Body Fat Test & Hormonal Analysis)

  • Discover Your Metabolic Type - Questionnaire To Identify Metabolism Type, To Tailor A Diet With Specific Food And Food Combinations To Maximise Fat-Loss. 

  • Metabolic Timing – Meal Plans; Nutrient Timed To Fast Track Results!

  • Supplementing Strategies To Decrease Body Fat & Improve Health.

  • Learn The Steps To Success For Your Fitness Goal. Mindset & Goal Setting!

  • Access To Our Support Forum

  • Unlimited Email Access

  • Complimentary 3 Weeks Nutrition Support

  • Plus Lots, Lots More Information On Health And Fitness Throughout The 12 Week Period​

OPTIONAL: Professional Photo Shoot (Inc. Hair, Makeup & Spray Tan) At The End Of The 12 Weeks!

**Premium Option Available, Includes Unlimited Group Training Up To 6 Sessions Per Week!

Here's What Some Of Our Clients Have Said

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"I completed the 12 week body transform with Michelle, it took me a few weeks to even take the plunge to enquire about the program but omg I’m so glad I did. I was so depressed with how I looked, I was about 10 months postpartum and I had never ever seen myself in the shape I was in and that was super hard to accept.


I had started following the base on instagram and kept seeing all the amazing results people were getting and I decide that’s what I wanted. Michelle taught me so much about my own body and what I am putting into it and I thank her for that and I’m thankful I now know what works best for me and my body!


I also learnt that it’s not all about what you see on the scales, your main focus should be on your over all body measurements as well.I’m not 100% where I want to be but if it weren’t for Michelle and this program I would still be where I was 12 weeks ago and I don’t ever want to look like that again!

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into me!"

- Caitlin

"Tyrone brought the goods with his 12 week transformation coached by Base Trainer Sam.

An aspiring young footballer wanting to get lighter for the field made some impressive changes during the 12 week program and took away valuable information about what to do to continue to make long lasting changes for his health and his fitness goals."

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 4.53.07 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 5.01.46 pm.png

"I learnt so much working with @michellerichards_healthcoach over the 12 week coaching program - she took the time to run a Blood Chemistry Analysis and tailor a plan that was specifically for me was something I hadn't done before and really opened my eyes to what was going on in my body, and where it was struggling. I have developed better habits and have a really good range of go-to meals that I know my body will love and make me feel great.❕.Working with Michelle was a really good opportunity for me to get back to basics and focus on my overall health instead of quick, unsustainable weight loss methods. It was encouraging to actually see changes as the weeks went on, and I'm more determined than ever to keep applying what I've learnt and work towards an even healthier version of myself."

- Emily

"The support I received with my nutrition from Michelle was great. She was very thorough in ensuring that I was confident following the Flexible Plan and also made periodic increases in calories to make sure I was eating enough and supporting my overall health with the correct supplementation.


My weight didn’t drop dramatically but I had some really pleasing body composition changes that have put me in a really great position now for working on building up my calories.I literally feel like a different person. I feel the fittest I have in many years, and have a new love for my training again.


There really is something to be said about the motivation that comes with training in a group, with great instructors that are energetic, encouraging and that share your passion for achieving results.


The physical changes were just the icing on the cake. For me it has been about bringing together all of the important elements; training, nutrition and mindset, in a healthy and sustainable way. Also reminding me that it is important to make ourselves and our own health and well-being a priority. The past 10 weeks has changed my life in so many amazingly positive ways. I am so grateful to Michelle, Sam, Tanya and Dallas for all their genuine love, support and guidance."

- Karen

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Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 4.48.29 pm.png

"I’d followed the base on Instagram for a LONG time, and always wanted to give their challenges a go but I put it off numerous times for various reasons. But the biggest thing for me was this was very out of my comfort zone, and the thought of walking into a completely strange and new gym, on my own and knowing not a single person there, sent my anxiety through the absolute roof. But with the encouragement and support of my beautiful partner I took the leap when this 10 week challenge came up and I’m SO glad I did. I was so unhappy with the way I looked and felt after having our son ☹️🤰🏽and even though I’ve still got a long way to go, I’ve seen some AMAZING results in just a short ten weeks💪🏽. Not only that, but I’ve learnt to eat smarter, make healthier choices, I now have more energy to run around after our cheeky, little, energiser bunny 👶🏽🐰 and I’ve made some beautiful friendships along the way 💕. But above all I NEVER once felt out of place or uncomfortable in this gym despite the fifty anxiety attacks I had before beginning the challenge 😂🤦🏽‍♀️. Everyone was so warm, welcoming and helpful from the get go 🥰 and I never felt judged or like any question I asked was too stupid like I’ve felt in other gyms previously. I learnt to use equipment I’ve never used before and complete exercises I’d never even heard of and not once felt like I couldn’t ask for help if I needed it and that was really important to me. Everything was about learning the correct form to maximise and get the best results I possibly could out of this challenge.. and I got just that! 💫💛.

This mummas results:❕👊🏽BODY FAT LOSS % - 10.4%👇🏽WEIGHT LOSS - 3kg👋🏽FAT LOSS KG - 9.6kg💪🏽MUSCLE GAIN - 6.6kg❕"

- Brittni

Want To Join Us On Our Next Round For The 12 Week Challenge? 

Challenge Starts January 20th


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