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Our bodies have an inbuilt communication system which sends us feedback when we eat. To become more aware of how your body reacts to foods you need to pay attention to the entire timeline of eating. How you feel before you eat, while you’re eating & especially after you’ve eaten. . Creating awareness can help you discover how different foods impact your body, mind, mood & energy. People are exposed to so many reactive foods on a daily basis that they may not be aware of the feedback messages their bodies are sending them. . These messages come in many forms ranging from fatigue, bloating, bowel issues, aches + pains, skin issues, sinus issues, headaches, sleep problems, hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, immune issues & more... Often when people remove these reactive foods their symptoms disappear - & when they re-introduce them their bodies often give them louder more honest feedback. If you‘re experiencing symptoms pay close attention to the foods you’re eating which could be triggering them & causing your body discomfort. Eating healthy can become easy & enjoyable when you get in sync with your body. We have an exciting new Health & Food Psychology program starting in the New Year. For more info PM or EMAIL:


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