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Getting to Know your menstrual cycle is a great way to get to know your body.

PHASE 1 - Menstruation: On day one of the menstrual cycle, the first day of bleeding, all of your hormone levels are low. At this time It‘s common to feel tired, irritable, & moody. This is normal. Give yourself permission to take it easy. PHASE 2 - Pre-Ovulation (follicular): After your period finishes, estrogen & testosterone levels begin to pick up as your body gets ready to release another egg. Estradiol levels increase. This helps you feel more relaxed & gives you a mood boost in general. You may also feel more attuned to other people. This phase is also when you get a boost in libido.

PHASE 3 - Ovulation (also part of follicular): Actual ovulation is short, just the time it takes your body to release an egg. Your body is at its most fertile & super full of estrogen so hormone-related mood is similar to the pre-ovulation phase. PHASE 4 - Pre-Menstrual (or luteal) AKA PMS Time: This is the last phase of your cycle, when body has realised the pregnancy thing is just not going to happen this month. Your estrogen levels fall dramatically & suddenly, & progesterone begins to rise. Before your period, progesterone rises and then falls.

You might start to feel irritable & generally bummed out. During this phase you’re more attuned to your own emotions so it can be a good time to reflect & take stock of how you’re feeling.


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