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Natural Bodybuilder Eating A Plant Based Diet

Today I attended the @doctorsfornutrition seminar at the Adelaide health & medical sciences building. Not only was I an attendee but I also was invited to share my experiences as a Natural Bodybuilder eating a plant based diet with other incredibly athletes in their chosen sports. I’m truly humbled to have been invited to share what I do amongst not only these sporting individuals but also some of the most knowledgeable Dr’s with major props going to cardiologist Dr Kim Allan Williams who was a former president for the American College of Cardiology. The explanations with scientific backed evidence is incredible and it’s so good to see others learning and searching for more real knowledge about health... With Science not “Bro Science”. I never in my life thought that I would be doing what I’m doing. I’m forever grateful to my dearest friends who shared information with me about the benefits of plant based eating 5 years ago. It’s opened up major pathways for me in my life and business. It’s also made me healthier/happier/stronger/fitter/lighter and whole lot less likely to die due to the causes eating animal proteins can create. I for one would love to live longer and healthier and help carve a future for the next generation to thrive even better! As well as create less distress and harm to other creatures on this planet when I’m not alone in being living proof it’s possible to thrive eating just good old plants... and potatoes 🥔😜🌱 Thank you to those who attended and eat more plants!!!


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