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This one’s for the ladies. You may have noticed your bowel habits change throughout the month. This is because our bowels are affected by our hormone changes.

Just before our period the body releases hormones called prostaglandins. These hormones stimulate muscle contractions in the uterus, which helps the body shed the uterus lining. These hormones can also stimulate muscle contractions in the intestines & bowels, causing more frequent bowel movements, stool can be softer & some women even experience diarrhoea at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Then we deal with things slowing down just after ovulation (about 12-14 days before your period.) This is when progesterone levels rise rapidly. Progesterone is a muscle relaxant, which can have a constipating effect. TIPS TO TACKLE HORMONE RELATED BOWL CHANGES: ❤️ Eat plenty of fibre rich foods to help keep the digestive system regular. ❤️ Keep active. Exercise can help relieve PMS-related bloating & discomfort & helps keep the bowel moving. ❤️ Up your magnesium intake around ovulation time to help your bowels move better, & to relieve period cramps. . ❤️ Deep breathing & meditation. Sometimes you just have to ride it out, being aware of what’s causing the changes can be enough to put our mind at ease.


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