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Clients often come to me because they’ve tried everything to lose weight from cutting calories, over training & more. They’re working really hard but the stress they’re putting their body under is working against them. . WHY? Because STRESS causes the body to produce more of the hormone cortisol. . Cortisol is a stress hormone that promotes body fat, especially around the stomach. Cortisol elevates blood sugar levels & stimulates the production of a hormone called betatrophin, which inhibits an enzyme required for fat metabolism. That’s why it’s important to take the right approach to weight loss & NOT an aggressive one. SIGNS & SYMPTOMS IF YOUR BODY IS UNDER STRESS: 🔸 Increase in abdominal fat 🔸 Sleep problems 🔸Thyroid dysfunction 🔸Anxiety

🔸Depression 🔸Bloating 🔸Lowered immune system 🔸Blood sugar problems 🔸Brain fog 🔸Fatigue 🔸Inflammation 🔸Slow muscle recovery 🔸Cravings for salt or salty foods 🔸Dizziness 🔸Low libido 🔸Poor circulation TIPS TO MANAGE STRESS & SUPPORT YOUR BODY:

🔸Good quality sleep . 🔸Anti-inflammatory diet . 🔸Adaptogenic Herbs 🔸Stress management, meditation, deep breathing & mindfulness practises 🔸Regular exercise 🔸Get out in nature 🔸Consume less caffeine To works with our team PM or EMAIL:


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