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Being a Vegan isn’t easy.

I usually don’t voice my thoughts and opinions on the matter due to the extreme amount of abuse I receive and still receive to this day with snide remarks and comments.

It’s mainly because I don’t partake in the abuse/pain/suffering that is dealt upon defenceless sentient beings.

I generally just let my physique and lifestyle do the talking for me which has worked wonders in showing people that eating a plant based diet void of all animal products you can thrive.

But some people like the individual in this picture with me approach the Change with a different way of contributing to the greater good for animals.

@joey_carbstrong is one of the leading activists doing what he can to expose the animal agriculture trade for what is done to animals behind the scenes.

It was a pleasure to hit the weights and chat to someone I can relate to about our vision for a better world with less death and more freedom for all.


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