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When I look back over the year I feel like a different person. This year I dived into a lot of learning & self growth, from doing my Hypnotherapy certification, NLP & TLT to also staring my Master Prac. This set me on a journey to do a lot of my own inner work. I won’t lie it got a little ugly at times & I even turned my own world upside down. But I honour & appreciate every part of my journey as I can see how it has all been a vital part of my growth. Sometimes we have to dare to tear things down, to build them anew. 2019 - WHAT I’VE LEARNED... We’re 100% responsible for our experience of life. We can choose how we experience & respond to things. Everything happening outside of us is showing us something we need to see inside of us, to love, accept, or integrate. - Accept the invitations & go inwards. We’re all connected & everything is guiding us back to love. There’s a seed of positivity in every perceived negative situation - If we look for it.

THANK YOU 2019 for all the learning & growth - Bring on 2020 a new decade with wonderful things in store

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